The riffs are heavier, the melodies even more intoxicating.

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As Skulls, Skulls, Skulls, Show Me The Glory slid into the CD player, my first reaction was to turn up the volume, take a seat and listen intently, captivated. Let’s be clear about something, it’s the same band, with the original line-up, and Chris Gordon (singer/guitarist/main songwriter) has lost nothing of his verve and creativity.

The substance is still pop (some will detect hints of Muse, their fellow countrymen Biffy Clyro, the Killers…), but in the end, what with the impeccable production and the fact that the group has matured, the riffs are heavier, more striking, the rhythm more diligent, the melodies even more intoxicating, tipping the Glaswegians more towards the Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, even Helmet at times (the huge “Risk & Writhing”!).

Walls of sound from the guitars, sometime saturated and overpowering, sometimes bright and enchanting, haunting and adventurous lyrics, and energy, lots and lots of energy. In short a really pleasant surprise that justifies the cult status of their first two albums, left all alone for the last 19 years!

Full review available in Inked #27

[Translated from French by Abi Archer]

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