With a deluge of sugar-coated riffs, Baby Chaos are back.

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With a deluge of sugar-coated riffs, Baby Chaos are back.
Skulls, Skulls, Skulls, Show Me The Glory

The band, like me, is almost 20 years older, but my pleasure hearing these new songs can’t be far off the pleasure they felt writing them and playing together again. Back then, it was “She’s In Pain” and “Hello” that took over the airwaves. Today, although the musical landscape has changed, it’s to “Blackbirds” that you have to look for the inevitable hit. Although all the tracks are good and there are no fillers, this one has something more, an extra hook, a more delicate approach to the melody, more intensity. You can’t help but give in.

Skulls, Skulls, Skulls, Show Me the Glory. From behind this somewhat mysterious title emerges the humility and sense of humour of Chris Gordon (songwriter, composer, producer, etc.), the main man but nothing without his band, his friends and his family. His brother has always been his manager, his wife is behind the artwork (the royal eagle much loved up in Scotland, Mogwai won’t tell you otherwise) and his daughter lends her voice to some of the backing vocals.

…It also gives an idea of the atmosphere there must have been when the quarter got back together (at the request of Ginger Wildheart no less!), with pleasure once again the name of the game! Well, that’s how I felt anyway as I listened to these sugar-coated, cheerful, chiselled compositions that fill me, the listener, with so much joy.

[Translated from French by Abi Archer]

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