Baby Chaos - Skulls, Skulls, Skulls, Show Me The Glory

Skulls, Skulls, Skulls, Show Me The Glory

  • Artist: Baby Chaos
  • Release Date: 2015-04-27
  • Genre:
  • Released by: Three Hands Records
  • Price: 11.99
  1. You Can’t Shut Us Up
  2. Blackbirds
  3. The Whispering Of Giants
  4. Have Faith In Yourself
  5. P P P Peaches
  6. Poison Ivy Girls
  7. We Were Youth
  8. Out Of The Silence
  9. Risk and Writhing
  10. A Tingling On Your Bright Skin
  11. Habibi

Released in the UK, France (also Belgium and Switzerland) and Japan.

The artwork for each release is different and the Japanese release includes three bonus songs.

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