Ape Confronts Cosmos (CD)

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Our fourth album as Baby Chaos represented a very different challenge to album three.  For “Skulls….” we drew on many songs that had been lying around many years and then added to the cacophony with a host of newly written numbers.

For “Ape Confronts Cosmos” we were faced with the blank slate more typically encountered by an active group between albums.  Would inspiration strike, and if so would it unleash a torrent of enthusiasm that we could white-water all the way to a darn decent fourth album.  It’s been whispered internally that this may be our finest work yet but only you, the people who pay your hard earned cash to help make it happen, can be the true judges of such things.

We welcome Alan Easton to our ranks as a fifth member on this album, on guitar and occasional vocals.  We were not looking for a fifth member but after he had filled in for Grant on a few shows it just felt absolutely right to keep him involved.  Three guitars has helped us realise more fully and accurately some of the “Skulls…” material in a live context and so it is with this album that we were able to explore occasional complexities and counterpoints that would not have been possible with just Grant and myself.


Track list:

  1. Out of the Blue (3:36)
  2. The Wild Beast (4:18)
  3. You Won, You Won (2:50)
  4. Run Towards the Roar (2:53)
  5. I Belong in Battle (3:50)
  6. Mouse.Lion.Mouse (4:40)
  7. Orphans on the Moon (4:25)
  8. A Quiet Jubilation (1:17)
  9. Everything I Counted on has Been Proved Wrong (3:26)
  10. The White Witch (3:30)
  11. Your Body is a Nervous Work of Art (5:14)
  12. One Thousand Sorrows, One Thousand Joys (3:47)
  13. Cut Through the Ocean (2:43)

Includes an 12 page booklet featuring all the lyrics from the album.

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