EXCLUSIVE: Skulls… Album Demos


A full album of the demo tracks for “Skulls…”. Hear the songs before the spit and polish is applied.

The CD will be burned in Chris’ Three Hands Studio and feature his dreadful handwriting scrawled across the disc.

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  1. Simon Richardson

    Looser, rawer and more urgent, this album of demos rips out of the blocks with ‘We Were Youth’ and dispels any concerns you may have had about the quality of the recordings you are getting here. These demo versions capture the tracks in a more organic, ‘live’ feel than the more polished versions on the album proper, and some are all the better for it in my opinion. This treatment doesn’t benefit all the tracks on display from the album, but it on some, like ‘P P P Peaches’ for example, the level of attack and edge the production gives them, elevates it somehow. The closing section of ‘Habibi’ sounds especially monstrous here, Davys drumming throughout is outstanding, but this is the heaviest I have ever heard the guys sound.
    It’s a bargain at this price, and I thoroughly recommend it as a companion to the proper album, I only give it 4/5 as there are no ‘hidden treasures’ here, no songs that aren’t on the full album etc, but that’s a small complaint when the thing rocks as hard as this…

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